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6 Best SEO AI Tools – How does AI Benefit SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important magazines that rely heavily on artificial intelligence (AI). This article will explain how AI affects SEO in addition to the best SEO AI tools.

Suppose you rely on SEO or search engine optimization to draw and convert traffic to your website. In that case, you must understand the ways AI can offer you.

Presently, AI tools for SEO are used to:

  • Enhance search traffic
  • Find opportunities for keywords
  • Improve rankings for both existing and brand new topics/terms.
  • Create content that is ranked
  • Unlock voice search performance

Manage global and local search listings. Scale and automate the most common SEO tasks

Our team has analyzed hundreds of AI use cases and tools in the past two years. Over time, we’ve learned much about how AI can change SEO.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the key things we’ve learned, including:

  1. What is an SEO AI Tool?
  2. How does AI Benefit SEO?
  3. Best SEO AI Tools

So let’s dive into this new world…

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What is an SEO AI Tool?

The term itself is fairly simple to understand. It’s software that makes use of computer-generated algorithms that assist you in optimizing your content to be indexed by search engines, particularly Google. Automated SEO software is available in various types, with some tools offering vastly different capabilities than other tools. However, these tools serve the same objective – to assist in making your site rank higher on Google.

How does AI Benefit SEO?

6 Best AI SEO Tool Pin

AI in content is not something that will be a distant dream but is a reality today. Microsoft declared that AI would be replacing part of its editorial staff in the summer of 2020.

Search engines depend upon machine intelligence to provide answers to natural language questions daily across desktop, mobile and voice searches.

In reality, AI models from companies such as Google are the primary factor in determining how your content is ranked and who can see it. If we’re talking about the changes made to “the algorithms” that govern search, it’s about changes to Google’s AI.

Human beings, for many years, have played a game that machines have set rules for. We attempt to gain insight into the signals that search engines consider important (comprehensive content topics, topic clusters, keywords phrases and so on.). We then adhere to those standards to rank our websites and content highly.

It’s not a secret that many talented SEO professionals are playing this game professionally, generating enormous value for their businesses. There are plenty of ways machines can perform this task better than humans.

In reality, artificial intelligence is currently being utilized to aid companies in performing SEO more effectively and efficiently because it can identify patterns in data much faster than humans, on a larger scale of a company and in real-time.

AI engineered SEO software is used in the present by search professionals to accomplish more in less time and to achieve advantages over manual work that manual effort isn’t enough to match.

This can include using AI to improve existing content or suggest new subjects to focus on and even automate existing SEO tasks.

There’s no question…

If used correctly, AI could provide SEO-related superpowers.

Let’s look at how this is accomplished.

AI solutions for search engine optimization (SEO):

AI Keyword Research:

Even with tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush, keyword research can be laborious and time-consuming. AI SEO solutions can not only speed up this process for you, but they can also provide you access to things that conventional software does not offer. AI-based keyword suggestions are often quite precise and customized for your website.

Analysis of Competitors:

Regardless of your information, you always compete with other websites, whether you realize it or not. Most web admins’ most common issue is not knowing who they compete against. This is when AI SEO software comes into play. This program can assess your website and top-ranking keywords and compare them to other websites in your field. The program will also make helpful recommendations on how to outrank the competitors.

Optimization of Content using AI:

If you use WordPress, you’re acquainted with plugins that help you boost your SEO, such as Yoast. Of course, similar plugins are available for various content management systems. AI SEO software functions similarly, with the extra benefit of relying on machine learning to provide SEO recommendations. AI works better than traditional plugins because it can scale, learn, and adapt to your brand.

Creating Links:

Good link building is challenging, especially if you’re starting after publishing a lot of material. While you can do it manually by combing through your previous content, using AI SEO software makes it much easier. The AI will evaluate your content and recommend where and how to create new backlinks. This, of course, only pertains to internal connections.

6 Best SEO AI Tools:

Overall Score
Diib SEO Tool Home Page

Diib makes it easy to grow your website. Because of Diib’s AI technology, you feel much more informed about what is going on with your website. Diib aids customers in automating SEO, enhancing rankings, and comparing their websites against rivals’.

It uses AI to develop a tailored development strategy, provide automated data, and track your progress as you grow. Diib instantly syncs with Google Analytics and leverages complicated algorithms and artificial intelligence to present you with a straightforward growth strategy. Anyone can analyze a website in 1 min and improve your SEO, performance, security, and user experience.

Understanding how your company’s website works is still very easy. Website analysis, reporting, and graphics to help you understand how you’re performing and what you should do next.

Diib is used as an AI SEO tool by thousands of website owners, including Shopify, WordPress, Adobe, and Squarespace, to help them expand quicker.

Overall Score
Frase AI SEO Tool Home Page

Frase is AI SEO software that assists you in creating content that is relevant to user intent. He is advertised as an end-to-end SEO content generation workflow driven by AI. That’s a fancy way of expressing that our AI content optimization tool can assist you in improving every stage of the content development process. From developing ideas into outlines to developing those outlines into content briefs, and lastly, rating your content to find high-ranking keywords you may have overlooked. Frase handles everything, and the program also functions as an answer engine optimization platform. That final function is unlikely to be relevant for blogs or news sites. Still, it will come in handy if you operate a company.

Overall Score
Squirrly AI SEO Tool Home Page

Squirrly is the best WordPress AI SEO tool. It is a tried-and-true all-in-one SEO toolkit that employs AI to help your website rank quicker. This plugin is installed directly from your WordPress admin panel. The tool examines your website and generates action items automatically. Squirrly uses artificial intelligence to help you move more freely in the world of search engine optimization, provide you with an exceptional and data-driven strategy, allow you to outperform all your competitors, and help you reach your goal of ranking on the first page of Google.

Squirrly enables you to produce great SEO content, increase organic traffic, and improve ranks. It also allows you to track search rankings and anything else that keeps your content on the front pages of search engines.

Overall Score
SE Ranking AI SEO Tool Home Page

SE Ranking is a one-of-a-kind SEO program for business owners and SEO professionals. This is the tool you need for a better SEO content and marketing strategy.

It provides 100% accurate keyword rank tracking across all major search engines. You may monitor your website’s ranking based on city/region/country.

SE Ranking uses Artificial Intelligence to determine your competitors’ ads and phrases in their organic search campaigns. This tool may help you increase your website rankings. The SE rating identifies issues that appear on and off the page and recommends how to address them. You can also see and control backlinks in real-time.

Overall Score
Outranking AI SEO Tool Home Page

Outranking offers innovative AI-powered SEO solutions that allow you to write and review high-quality content in minutes. This tool is adaptable to the needs of companies, agencies and individual entrepreneurs.

Outranking uses artificial intelligence to develop content that your audience will enjoy. Creates SEO-optimized titles and summaries and highlighted snippets. It also creates paragraphs and section closures.

Outranking allows you to rate content for all important on-page characteristics influencing ranking. It grades the use of your questions, meta tags, and topic coverage. You will receive comments on your keyword utilization, content depth, and content production efforts.

Overall Score
InLinks AI SEO Tool

InLinks is a sophisticated SEO solution for optimizing on-page content, automating schema markup creation, and improving internal linking. All of this is accomplished by analyzing your pages and giving actionable data.

With just a few lines of code, you can integrate InLinks into your website. The tool will instantly give you a ranking position of your pages on search engines, allowing you to know for which keywords your pages are ranking.

It also handles a very particular and important SEO task: linking your page keyword with a general topic.

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