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Vidshortz, the software that makes you $500 a day – is it real?

As we used to do on, we research all the news on making money online using advanced software and artificial intelligence tools.

Today in this article, we will analyze the new Vidshortz software, which allows you to make $500 a day by posting 15-second videos.

Vidshortz is a software created by Yogesh Agarwal and put on sale on the Warriorplus platform on April 9, 2022, and it has already made more than 1000 sales with a refund rate of 1%, which gives it great reliability.

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What is Vidshortz?

YouTube Shorts is still in its beginning stages, and there’s no competition. 

Shorts favours its YouTube algorithm and has resulted in thousands of views per day, even for new creators who have zero subscribers.

VidShortz is a 3-click traffic software that delivers huge traffic to your websites, blogs and other offers by using YouTube shorts.

Now you can make 100s of these shorts and begin creating massive sales and traffic within minutes to partner offers and affiliate programs, CPA offers, eCom products, and your services and products. There are no limits to the possibilities with VidShortz!

  • Without editing the background
  • Without the need for expensive video software
  • No paid or organic traffic
  • Without an email address
  • Without a website or landing page
  • Even without an item or service.
  • All you require is VidShortz. 

VidShortz is a system for selling videos that lets you create simple but powerful, bite-sized videos that could be sold at a profit of 100. It is a cloud-based, drag-and-drop application that makes it easy to create videos in under 60 seconds with no prior knowledge!

Videos are simple and fun to make and are the fastest method of earning money with nothing but any website, without a list of items and with no traffic. No technical knowledge required for get started also. You won’t have to pay monthly production fees. 

High-quality videos with the ability to include backgrounds, fonts, styles, effects, and music that create professional and stunning videos that are easy and enjoyable to create. The agency offers a production studio to provide the best video solution.

Videos to promote your offline and online company, paid ads, Vlogs and social profiles within minutes. It’s the quickest method to earn money from the video. It is possible to create stunning video advertisements, slideshows, collages, pictures, Ecom product videos, and more for an instant, free traffic.

By using Yogesh, Yogesh generated over 441k users via YouTube.

  • Without showing his face
  • Without ads, budget
  • Without subscriptions
  • without waiting for days or months to begin getting traffic

It doesn’t require an online presence, blog or an offer to begin earning money and traffic through it. It’s just been launched with an affordable one-time price for the next few days.

Here’s the best part… There’s no limit to selling these on any website and selling them at any time to earn 100% of your profits. No commercial charges, No agency fees, and no royalty costs. So, are you prepared to take advantage of your profit-making machine?

If you’re one of them, take the time to read the subsequent sections of the VidShortz Review, as I’ll show you how powerful it can be!

Vidshortz, how does it works?

With VidShortz, you’ll be able to bring traffic and sales to your website, and offers are as simple as three easy steps:

  • Step 1 – Search for and use others’ viral videos or create a script of your own.
  • STEP 2- With one 1-click, our A.I. transforms into an eye-catching, high-quality, highly engaging and profitable YouTube short video.
  • Step 3. Upload your video and start receiving real traffic and sales immediately.

Features Of Vidshortz:

VidShortz has amazing features such as…

Fully Cloud-based Software It is not necessary to install anything. Sign up now, and you’ll be able to access our software from any location in the world, so long as you have an internet connection, and you’re good to go!

Include Your Video, Or Utilize Viral Videos of Other People to make short films. You can find millions of YouTube videos on YouTube that you could make short films. You can locate and legally-licensed videos that have already received many views or use your content.

Choose From Our Expertly Crafted DFY Templates, or Create Your Own from scratch. We have a large selection of DFY templates you can use to make shorts quickly and effortlessly. You can also make your designs from scratch if you’d like.

A Full-Featured Editor That is Simple To Modify Your Videos You can alter your shorts’ text, pictures, and videos to make them distinctive and more attractive to viewers.

Personalize your Branding: You can incorporate your logo and a watermark and branding on the video you make using VidShortz. This will help you establish your brand while driving customers to your sites and offer.

Create Amazing Call-To-Actions (CTAs) that get people Clicking – You can incorporate strong call-to-action to your videos to get users to click through to your website and other offers.

Include Text Overlays to Your Videos for even more Engagement – Add overlays of text to the videos you upload to make them more captivating and captivating.

Viral Quote Generator: Quickly make quotes that go viral! This is among the most effective ways to gain enormous traffic from social media. It is possible to use the built-in quote generator for viral use to make quotes that people want to pass on to their acquaintances.

Facts Generator allows you to easily add fascinating facts to your videos to make your videos even more entertaining. This is a proven method for make it more appealing for people to view your videos all the way through.

Viral Shorts Finder: Search for viral videos already receiving many views. Then, you can quickly create shorts that can be used to increase visitors to your sites and offer. Get your time back with an integrated viral video searcher.

The Royalty-Free Music Library: You can add professional audio tracks to your videos in just one click. This will make your video more interesting and allow your videos to be different from the rest of the crowd.

Ten million+ in-built premium Images and Videos. You can access our collection of over 10 million royalty-free photos and videos. They are high-quality premium stock that can be used to create a professional in your films.

Include A real Human Voiceover. Forget about paying for expensive voiceovers. Add your voiceover, or select from our collection of human-like A.I. voices.

Export Your Video in H.D. 720p or H.D. 1080p. You can opt for exporting your movie in 1080p or 720p quality. Both are H.D., and you can play your videos across all devices without any issues with pixelation.

Benefits Of Vidshortz:

VidShortz offers benefits such as

  • Gain the advantage of being the first to move and take over your competition
  • YouTube loves shorts and will send you traffic for free
  • Increase your traffic and sales in any area and in any language
  • More efficient, quicker and more efficient than other methods of traffic
  • You can save many hours and effort
  • No editing expertise or budget experience is required.
  • Results are available in just minutes and not weeks or days
  • Vidshortz is completely scalable and reproducible
  • It’s ideal for complete novices as well as experienced marketers.
  • Free updates for life
  • 24×7 support and 100% uptime guarantee

Who is VidShortZ for?

VidShortz is ideal to use…

Affiliate Marketers were looking to grow their audience.

Youtube Content Creators who want to increase the reach of their channel.

Make Money Online as a Podcaster and Blogger looking to earn more passive income.

Business owners who are looking for more sales and leads.

CEOs, Founders and CMOs, Founders that want to establish a brand and get their name out to a wider market.

eCom & Shopify Store Owners who wish to boost their sales by using video.

Social Media Marketing Professionals who want to distinguish themselves from other marketers using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Gurus, coaches, or mentors who wish to utilize their videos to create a sales funnel for their existing products.

Does anyone else who would like no-cost, easy and stress-free circulation!

VidShortZ Prices:

VidShortz Front End ($17)

Make copies of the most efficient, the simplest method to bring in millions of people each day on YouTube!

Make 100s of eye-catching videos on YouTube that draw people to your sites and blogs, offers, and other sites.

Upload your videos or borrow others’ viral videos to make short films.

Select our highly converting and extremely engaging templates, or begin by creating your own

A full-featured yet easy editor that lets you make your videos more personal.

Make your branding.

Include amazing call-to-actions (CTAs) that keep people clicking!

Include text overlays in your videos to increase engagement!

Viral Quote Generator

Facts Generator

Viral Shorts Finder

A royalty-free music library

Add REAL Human Voiceover To Your Shorts Using Our Text-To-Speech Engine

10 Million+ In-built Premium Stock Images & Videos.

Export Your Video In 720p and H.D. 1080p

Commercial License is available during the launch period only!

VidShortz OTO 1: ($37)

4x Your Traffic & Income Potential With The Pro Version.

Mass Video Creator

Get More Video Templates

Thumbnail Creator & Editor

Create Upto 20 Short Videos At Once From Any Other People’s Video Or Own Video.

Export up Upto 600 Videos Monthly (vs 90 in Basic/Premium)

Find additional A.I Voiceovers, expand your selection (vs 10 in Basic or Premium)

Simple Social Sharing Directly share your videos via Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest to gain more exposure and increase traffic

Commercial rights include – Use these videos for client projects and Charge them Any Fee

Downsell ($27)

Without Commercial Rights

OTO 2: ($47)

Simple videos can be ranked using multiple keywords at the same time at the top of page one of Google & YouTube.

They can be at the top for years by using the “push technology.”

The Lead Generation System captures and nurtures leads and emails them for long-term and recurring income.

Commercial license is included.

Downsell ($37)

Without Commercial License

OTO 3: ($47)

Make any (even the eldest, least popular) video you can find on the internet in your viral micro-videos on social media.

Send 100s of videos on Facebook and Instagram in a single click, and keep creating no-cost traffic throughout the months.

Ideal for video advertisements or viral videos and thousands of other video types of video

Convert one video into multiple (Upto 20) Mico-videos in 1 click

Mass Edit all video clips with a single click

Commercial license is included

Downsell ($37)

Without Commercial License

OTO 4: ($197-$297)

Every client you have will be able to use the options of Vidshortz.

50-250 accounts.

We have sales materials to ensure optimal conversions.

Create accounts for clients by using your reseller dashboard with just one click.

We’ll take care of support for clients from beginning to end.

A low one-time cost for the period of launch.

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