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Tailwind App: The Smart Way to Social Media Success

In the age of social media, it can be a challenge for influencers and businesses to stay on top of posts on numerous platforms. Tailwind App aims to solve this issue by providing easy social media scheduling and management software. Tailwind lets users design, optimize, and schedule posts on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to improve engagement and speed up.

What is Tailwind App?

Tailwind App review

Tailwind app is a well-known software for managing social media that was designed to allow scheduling and optimizing postings to Pinterest or Instagram as quickly as possible. It’s easy-to-use interface and robust features make it an ideal platform for businesses, bloggers and influencers looking to optimize their marketing. Since its inception in 2013, Tailwind has grown into a reliable platform trusted by more than 100,000 users worldwide. Its success is due to its capacity to assist users in saving time and boosting their visibility on social media through options like scheduling content hashtag research, scheduling, and analytics.

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Tailwind for Social Media Scheduling:

Tailwind for Social Media Scheduling:

One of the main functions of Tailwind is its ability to plan social media posts ahead of time. You can schedule and plan Pinterest pins and Instagram posts for weeks, days, or months ahead. Then, Tailwind will automatically publish posts on your behalf according to your set time. This lets you effectively schedule many posts at once without logging in to posts throughout the week.

Tailwind for Pinterest:

Tailwind for Pinterest

Tailwind is particularly helpful in managing Pinterest marketing. You can plan the entire month’s worth of Pinterest pins in only a few minutes with the Tailwind Pinterest scheduler. Tailwind offers templates for pins to assist you in creating eye-catching pins. They will help you determine the ideal time to pin to maximize reach and engagement.

Tailwind for Pinterest 1

Tailwind also analyses your posts to determine the type of images and posts that resonate the most with your followers. Then, you can use this information to enhance your Pinterest strategy even more.

Tailwind for Instagram:

Tailwind for instagram

Although Tailwind is most famous for Pinterest marketing, they also offer tools to help with Instagram management. It is possible to plan and schedule posts for Instagram before posting them. Tailwind will publish the photos automatically, according to the time you choose. Tailwind offers a selection of free and customizable Instagram templates to select from.

Tailwind for instagram

They provide suggestions to assist you in determining the most effective times to share content on Instagram to reach your target audience. Tailwind will review your Instagram information to offer suggestions to enhance your strategy for posting and the content you post as time passes.

Everything you need to know about Tailwind App :

Tailwind App Features:

In addition to planning and optimizing posts for Pinterest and Instagram, Tailwind App offers many additional features to assist users with social media advertising. These features include:

Calendars for social media: to get an overview of your schedule for posting.
Chrome extension for fast-adding content.
The capability to host giveaways and contests on Facebook and other social platforms.
App for smartphones: to manage your accounts in any location.
Integration with various platforms on social media blogs, email tools, marketing tools.

In addition, Tailwind offers hashtag research, content discovery, SmartLoop analytics, Instagram bio links, and collaboration capabilities. It lets users boost their reach and engagement, get an insight into their results, build interactive landing pages and collaborate on the same account.

Tailwind App Pricing:

Tailwind App Pricing 1

Tailwind App offers a range of pricing options to suit different needs and budgets. The Max plan is the most expensive, which costs $39.99 per month or $479.88 when billed annually. This plan is designed for advanced users requiring the most extensive features and tools. The next plan is the Advanced plan, which costs $19.99 per month or $239.88 when billed annually. This plan includes many features and is suitable for more experienced users.

Tailwind App Pricing Annual

The Pro plan is the most affordable option, costing just $9.99 per month or $119.88 when billed annually. This plan includes essential features and is an excellent choice for beginners. In addition to these paid plans, Tailwind App offers a free plan allowing users to use the essential tools to get started. This is an excellent option for those new to the platform and wanting to try it out before committing to a paid plan.

Customer Support:

Tailwind offers helpful customer support for all plans that are paid. You can reach the support staff via live chat, accessible from the Tailwind dashboard. They offer a maximum of 12 hours of response time. In my experience, their support staff typically responds quicker than they claim to do. Tailwind also provides a vast knowledge base, video tutorials and community forums to provide users with the answers to any question.

Tailwind App Pros and Cons:

*Optimize your posting strategy.
*Affordable paid plans.
*Great for Pinterest marketing.
*Responsive customer service.
*Integrates well with other tools.
*Limited free features.

Tailwind App alternatives:

Crowdfire and CoSchedule are the two most popular alternatives to the Tailwind App.

Crowdfire is a system for managing social media that lets users plan posts, monitor the analytics of their posts, and track mentions. Pricing begins at $9.99 each month. They provide the option of a no-cost plan with a few options.

CoSchedule is an online Marketing calendar that lets users create and manage their social media posts, blog posts, and email marketing efforts in one location. Prices start at just $29 a month, and they offer a no-cost trial for new users.

Both Crowdfire and CoSchedule provide diverse attributes and price options that suit your particular requirements and budget. It is essential to evaluate and study the various options before deciding on the best one for your company.


Tailwind app is a powerful social media management and scheduling tool, particularly beneficial in Pinterest or Instagram marketing. Although the platform has an initial learning process, Tailwind can save time by maximizing and planning your posts. For businesses, bloggers and influencers who manage multiple social media accounts, Tailwind is a helpful tool that offers data-driven suggestions to enhance your strategy as time passes. With affordable, paid plans and dependable customer service, Tailwind is a solid solution to take control of all your marketing via social media.

Frequently Answered Questions:

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding the Tailwind App:

Q: What is the Tailwind App able to accomplish?
A: Tailwind is a tool for managing social media that allows users to organize and optimize content.

Q: How much will Tailwind cost?
A: Tailwind provides three monthly paid plans billed annually, beginning at $19,99 monthly. Additionally, they offer a free Starter program to explore their essential functions.

Q: What is the maximum number of social media profiles I can manage using Tailwind?
A: The amount of profiles you can connect is dependent on the plan you are on. It is possible to connect up to 200 profiles. The Free Starter plan lets you connect two accounts. The Creator plan can accommodate up to 15 accounts. The Biz plan can have up to 50 accounts, and the Agency plan provides up to 200 users. All linked profiles have to be associated with the same company or brand. Client and personal accounts can’t be combined into a single Tailwind account.

Q: Does Tailwind connect to other tools?
A: Tailwind offers over 50 platform integrations, including Buffer, WordPress, Medium, Squarespace, ConvertKit, Drip and MailerLite. With Zapier, it is possible to connect Tailwind to numerous other tools. Integrations make it easier to manage content sharing between Tailwind and the other tools you utilize.