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Writesonic AI Copywriter Review

4.7/5Overall Score

Writesonic is a writing program that helps anyone create text for websites or social media posts. It's similar to having a professional writer available all day, every day.

  • Free plan.
  • Very simple to use.
  • Full access to all tools.
  • Pay per use
  • The free plan limited to a single user.
  • Quite expensive for beginners.
  • No tool for tone specification.

Artificial intelligence can be helpful in many ways; robots are already operating in our factories and homes.

Suppose you’re a professional writer who must write a lot of content in a short time. In that case, there are clever online tools that will assist you in writing faster, no matter if your specialization is writing for social media or on the web. AI is also helpful to help writers complete their work quicker, whether they have to write long ads or write articles! Writesonic has assisted many achieve this goal by providing prompt support when they need it the most.

If you want to use Writesonic, be sure to read this entire review.

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What is Writesonic:

Writesonic AI Home Page

Writesonic was created because its creator, Samanyou Garg, struggled to get his work up and running to meet his deadlines. He searched the web but could not find anything that was precisely his requirements, so he decided to go ahead and create his own artificial intelligence writing assistant!

The company was established in January 2021. it employs eight people, and the many favorable LinkedIn reviews of users are positive.

Writesonic is a writing program that helps anyone create text for websites or social media posts. It’s similar to having a professional writer available all day, every day. Give Writesonic some keywords or a brief description of the product or a couple of words to use, and it will give you different results generated by computers.

What’s the reason to use this app for writing? It can assist you in writing faster and can also help deal with issues related to written formulas, headlines, meta descriptions, etc.

Remember that writer’s block can be an issue for all websites and marketing professionals who do not write often. Writesonic can assist in streamlining this process by creating text that is easy to edit.

It’s an excellent tool for creating web headers, article outlines, blog posts, or summaries of ideas for blogs, along with the descriptions of your products on eCommerce sites. Additionally, you can rephrase content or correct the grammar and spelling release of press or SEO meta-descriptions. Utilizing the program’s trial version, I tested Writesonic through its tests. I wrote blog articles, articles, Twitter ads, and YouTube copy.

Using Writesonic:

Writing articles with Writesonic is quick and straightforward. Most people think that giving instructions to an AI is an arduous task.

However, it’s the exact opposite. Writesonic is created to help make creating content quick and easy.

Here is a brief overview of the steps involved in producing content with Writesonic.


The essential step is to decide on the content you are looking to produce. We have described a few kinds of copies that an AI could create.

Then, you need to select the content you’re most looking to create. This could include a web-based advertisement or landing page, or even blogs.

Give a description:

Next, you must explain what you want to include in the content.

This is crucial because Writesonic AI will provide you with general content without direction.

In your description, you must give your AI the context you would like it to create in the form of an article. Writesonic will then use the report to generate material consistent with the information you provided.


After you have selected the type of article you want to write and added an introduction, you are now ready to create content. Writesonic will follow your instructions to create a variety of copy variations.

If you click on generate, the content is developed and is made available to you in a matter of minutes.


In the Writesonic dashboard, you’ll be able to see the created content. It is up to you to modify the content according to your preferences. You can then save it to your computer or for publishing it.

This is how simple it is to utilize Writesonic to create content.

Writesonic Features:

The software includes a variety of kinds of copies for you to utilize. Let’s review some of the more popular copies to be found in the Writesonic:

Website Copy:

This feature lets you build highly optimized landing pages headers along with meta-descriptions.

SEO Meta Descriptions:

Writesonic AI SEO

SEO meta descriptions are a great way to boost your SEO rankings. This is because most algorithms filter out poor-quality content and then automatically trust the rest by the meta description you have put on the page. Writesonic assists in creating these blog posts and landing pages that are good for.

Landing Pages:

Writesonic AI Landing Pages

The landing page tool will help you create content to promote the marketing campaign you are running. There is no need to design a landing page from scratch as the tool will create it in minutes. This is the best feature for people who use Paid Per Click Ads and Social Media like Facebook or Instagram since it’s more accessible to fine-tune and improve the design of your ads with all the details about your target audience due to their activities on these sites.

Digital Ad Copy:

Writesonic AI Digital Ads Copy

This tool for digital advertising will assist you in your ads through Facebook, Twitter, or other types of pay-per-click advertisements. This is a great option when you’re running these kinds of ads.

AI blog Copy and article:

Writesonic AI Blog Copy

Writesonic can be described as an AI tool for writing that can create entire blog posts in a matter of seconds with accuracy. It’s user-friendly even for those who do not know long-form writing. It’s accurate and allows you to take some time for a brief but essential job like writing a blog post or article. It’s the perfect solution for those who need their basic content written quickly and effectively by professionals without any hassle. You could also write an outstanding review similar to this Writesonic review.

E-Commerce Copy:

Writesonic AI Ecommerce Copy

Are you interested in promoting the products you sell or writing articles about them for Amazon? This E-commerce Copy feature was created specifically for those who are. In this instance, Writersonic can assist in creating product descriptions and titles as well as features that describe the product’s functions as well as a targeted email to promote your business! Alongside these services, such as completing an advertisement before it is published and also helping write effective emails that make customers want to buy from you.

Sales Emails:

Writesonic Email Copy

Writesonic can assist you in creating sales emails that effectively transform prospects into customers. This feature is great when you’re having trouble finding the appropriate words for your sales messages or If you’re looking to cut down on time when writing these emails.

Product Description:

Writesonic AI Prduct Description Copy

Do you find it difficult to write compelling product descriptions? Don’t worry! A lot of people have trouble engaging in the description of their products. However, there’s a bright side: Writesonic can generate your product’s description for you in a matter of seconds. It allows you to choose various content lengths, including short, medium, long, and shorts, which show how AI utilizes what it learns about your target market and your product to create an appealing description for those who are considering buying it.

Additional Features:

  • YouTube Video Copy
  • Ideas for Growth
  • Company Bios as well as Personal Bios
  • Startup Concepts
  • Product Names
  • Press releases are a great way to increase backlinks for your website and help you get noticed on the web. Writesonic can write a vital press release for you, or you may choose to create your own.

Who Can Benefit From Writesonic?

Writesonic was designed for anyone who creates or needs content. With top-quality content, Writesonic lessens the workload for all those involved in creating content.

These are the major groups of professionals who can profit from Writesonic.

Digital Marketers:

The first group that Writesonic was designed for is digital marketers. Successfully running digital marketing campaigns requires more than simply creating content.

It is essential to find a product, design an advertising campaign, keep track of the results of your campaigns, and various other actions.

Writesonic assists with an essential element that you can incorporate into your marketing strategies, and that is to provide high-quality content regularly.

Many digital marketers need to outsource writing services as they’re so busy. In contrast to the writers at Writesonic, Writesonic is available 24/7.

It’s affordable and allows you to have more control over the kind of content you want to be able to write.


A successful blog requires constant publishing. If you don’t publish new content, you will likely lose your readers.

Many bloggers struggle with writer’s block. They are emotionally exhausted and find it difficult to think of creative ideas for content.

Again, Writesonic makes your life easier as a blogger. Its high-quality capabilities for article generation allow you to create new content in just a few seconds.

You just need to provide the AI with a line or two of descriptions and monitor content creation. Your blog will be up to date when you’ve acquired Writesonic.

Ads Agencies:

There is a constant need for advertising copies that are never-ending in an agency for advertising. The more clients you gain, the more copies you will need.

If you’re a smaller advertising agency, odds are you’re not able to create as many ads as you’d like.

Writesonic can assist you with this. The AI can produce compelling and engaging ads to help your customers generate more leads for their sites or businesses.

Ecommerce Brands:

Content and eCommerce are inextricably linked. Like Amazon, even the biggest eCommerce stores rely on reviews from affiliate markets to increase sales.

If you are the owner or are employed by an eCommerce brand, it’s crucial to have the most effective writing tools available to you.

Running an eCommerce store can indeed be stressful, especially if you’re working on it alone.

An article creator like Writesonic is a huge help when you’re having trouble creating articles for your online store.

Apart from blog posts that can lead traffic to your online store, Writesonic can help you write descriptions of your products and social media advertisements and landing pages.

This will boost your brand’s visibility.

If you go through Writesonic reviews, you’ll discover that many online entrepreneurs use this AI-powered Content generator.

How does Writesonic work?

To fully comprehend how Writesonic operates and the various kinds of content it creates, we will look at the strategies it uses to create content.

Writesonic incorporates GPT-3, which is the name of the 3rd generation Generative Pre-Trained Transformer.

This is a machine-learning model developed to use internet data to produce text for those not well-versed in AI’s.

GPT-3 boasts more than 100 million machine learning variables.

It’s better than Microsoft’s NLG model, which only contained more than 10 billion parameters for machine learning.

Returning to GPT-3 This model is so sophisticated that it can generate content and readjust it as humans write it.

The content created by this model reads naturally, and it can produce all kinds of content.

This is one of the reasons Writesonic has been able to create quality articles for its customers consistently.

Pricing of Writesonic:

Writesonic Pricing Monthly
Writesonic Pricing Monthly
Writesonic Pricing Yearly
Writesonic Pricing Yearly

Writesonic offers a variety of flexible and affordable plans.

 You can opt for a free trial, a month-long subscription based on your needs or opt for the pay-as-you-go option.

If you’re not sure that Writesonic is the right choice for your business or you, it is possible to start by registering for a free trial. The trial for free includes all the features listed that are available in more than 25 languages. But, only one person can use the trial for free.

The freelance writer, blogger, and students might find the Basic plan ideal for those who are. The plan is priced at $15 per month and has the same features as the free trial.

Professional freelancers pay $45 per month and receive unlimited credits. All features are included with this plan; however, there is a limit of one user can access the application.

Two plans are available to businesses.

Small and startup businesses are able to spend $95 a month on The StartupStartup plan. The plan includes all the benefits, including unlimited credits, and up to two user seats are offered. The plan can be further improved by adding priority assistance. Soon, customers of the StartupStartup plan will have the option of using browser extensions and the Shopify application.

The most comprehensive plan can be found in the Agency plan that allows for four users. A monthly cost of $195 gives agencies and businesses all the available options, including the ability to customize feature requests. Soon, the agency plan will include white labeling as well.

If you don’t believe that you’ll be using this tool often, however, you could opt-out of the monthly subscription if you like the features. Use your PAYG (Pay for as you go) option.

Writesonic Ratings in Top Review Sites:

Here’s a list of Writesonic reviews and ratings offered by the top review websites:

CapterraWritesonic Rating in Capterra
Software AdviceWritesonic AI Rating in Software Advice
GetAppWritesonic AI Rating in Getapp
TrustpilotWritesonic AI Rating in Trustpilot

Alternatives of Writesonic:

The AI industry is developing rapidly, and various AI-based writing tools have come into the market. These tools might be the most effective alternatives to Writesonic.

Writesonic Final Thought:

We hope you’ve discovered the knowledge from this Writesonic review to be insightful. Blog posts can be an effective marketing tool for both businesses as well as content creators. If you’re looking to enhance your writing skills for content or improve your writing abilities, the Writesonic is the right place to be! Apart from being an excellent AI editing tool, Writesonic also emphasizes writing styles and writing guidelines. This makes the program more effective at writing by analyzing the written content in accordance with the guidelines for writing. Additionally, there are grammar checkers that can identify and eliminate incorrect content. Writesonic has free writing tools that can enable you to write top-quality content with no effort. There’s no requirement to spend anything upfront also.

This concludes my Writesonic review. Tell me in the comments about your experience with this tool, and if you need help, do not hesitate to ask your questions and contact us, we will be happy.


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