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Gizzmo AI utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to automatically generate well-researched, optimized articles tailored specifically for digital publishers and bloggers.

  • Automates high-quality content creation with AI
  • Optimizes articles for SEO from the start
  • Integrates affiliate marketing and monetization
  • Very easy to use with a minimal learning curve
  • Offers flexible pricing plans
  • Requires internet access to use
  • Monthly subscription model
  • Quality depends on providing good inputs

Creating high-quality, optimized content consistently can be a major challenge for bloggers and website owners. However, content creation can be a smooth process with the right tools.

Gizzmo AI is an innovative AI-powered WordPress plugin and Chrome extension that aims to revolutionize content creation by enabling users to craft engaging, SEO-friendly articles in just a few clicks.

In this detailed review, we will explore Gizzmo’s key features, content types, pricing, ease of use, and more to help you determine if this platform is the right solution for scaling your content marketing efforts.

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Overview of Gizzmo AI

Gizzmo AI for automated content

Gizzmo AI utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to automatically generate well-researched, optimized articles tailored specifically for digital publishers and bloggers.

With just a few inputs – like a focus keyphrase or Amazon product URL – Gizzmo can produce complete, high-quality draft content enriched with relevant images and perfectly formatted for your WordPress site.

Gizzmo focuses on creating commerce-related content like product reviews, roundups, buying guides, and more, with built-in support for affiliate marketing monetization through Amazon Associates integration.

By handling the heavy lifting of content creation, Gizzmo allows bloggers to focus their efforts on strategy, creativity, and connecting with their audiences rather than getting bogged down in writing and optimization.

Key Features and Benefits

Let’s explore some of the core features and benefits that enable Gizzmo to deliver an unmatched automated content creation experience:

Automated High-Quality Content Creation

Gizzmo’s AI engine can produce well-structured draft posts on a wide range of ecommerce topics tailored to your niche. The articles generated are meticulously researched, readable, engaging, and ready for you to review and finalize before publishing.

This enables bloggers to scale their production without sacrificing quality or relevance. You have complete control over the final edits and can customize the articles to your brand’s voice.

Optimization for SEO

Gizzmo AI bakes in SEO best practices from the start, incorporating optimized titles, meta descriptions, headings, and automatic internal linking to help your content rank higher in search.

The articles are structured for easy scanning and readability. You also have the option to input a focus keyphrase, which Gizzmo will strategically work into the post for maximum optimization.

Affiliate Marketing Integration

To help unlock passive income potential, Gizzmo AI automates adding your Amazon Associates affiliate links and buy buttons into product recommendations and roundups.

This enables you to easily monetize your posts while providing helpful recommendations to readers – a win-win!

Schema Markup

Gizzmo AI can automatically generate and add validated JSON-LD structured data markup to your posts, following the latest specs for better indexing, rich snippets, and enhanced visibility in search results.

Focus Keyphrase Integration

Enter your target keyphrase, and Gizzmo AI will expertly incorporate it throughout your post in the most optimal areas to support your SEO goals. This on-page optimization helps search engines understand your content’s topic better and improves ranking potential.

Content Types

Gizzmo AI specializes in creating a range of different commerce-focused article formats:

Product Reviews: In-depth reviews of a single product, highlighting its features, pros, cons, and overall value.

Product Roundups: Comparisons of the top products in a category, weighing their relative benefits and drawbacks.

General Articles: Broad informational articles provide analysis and insights on a particular topic.

Buying Guides: Helpful guides outline the key factors and top product recommendations when purchasing. Gizzmo AI allows you to generate drafts of any content type simply by entering a relevant product URL or keywords.

Pricing Plans

Gizzmo AI offers flexible subscription plans to suit individual needs:

Gizzmo AI Pricing

Starter: $9.99 per month for 5 articles
Builder: $29.99 per month for 15 articles
Pro: $49.99 per month for 27 articles
Expert: $84.99 per month for 50 articles
Elite: 100+ articles per month (custom pricing)

Gizzmo AI Pricing

The platform also offers a $1 trial for new users to test it out and cancel anytime. Overall, the pricing is very reasonable, given the time and effort Gizzmo saves in automating optimized content at scale.

Ease of Use

Gizzmo AI focuses on simplicity and ease of use throughout the entire workflow:

The Chrome extension allows seamless Amazon product research and curation directly on the product pages.

The WordPress plugin enables efficiently generating articles with just a few inputs and publishing with a single click.

The UI is clean and intuitive and requires no specialized skills. Enter a product URL or keywords, and Gizzmo handles the rest.

Detailed documentation and tutorials are available if you need any assistance.
This simplicity empowers bloggers of all skill levels to leverage AI for enhanced productivity.

Customer Support

The Gizzmo AI team seems very responsive to customer inquiries based on reviews. They offer email support, and the website indicates they typically reply within 24 hours.

As the product matures, it would be great to see them expand support with live chat or phone support options. But overall, Gizzmo appears reliable and dedicated to helping users get the most value out of the platform.

Gizzmo AI Alternatives:

Regarding AI-powered content creation tools, Gizzmo AI has some solid competitors. Here are 7 leading alternatives to consider:

Jasper is one of the oldest AI writing assistants. It’s more focused on content generation and optimization. Jasper uses GPT-3 to generate blog content, website copy, social media posts, product descriptions, and email copy.

Copy AI is a newer AI content tool primarily focused on article writing and SEO. It uses GPT-3 to generate blog posts, website copy, product descriptions, social media content, and email marketing copy.

Writerzen is an AI content generator that specializes in creative writing. Unlike other tools, it allows users to generate long-form fiction, short stories, poems, and scripts.

Sincode AI provides AI content writing and optimization. In addition to general content generation, it focuses on niche industries like legal, finance, healthcare, and real estate.

Writecream utilizes AI article writing assistants to generate blog posts, website copy, social media content, product descriptions, and email marketing copy. It aims to deliver human-sounding content at scale.

Outranking io focuses on SEO-optimized AI content writing. It uses GPT-3 technology to generate content optimized for keywords, word density, and readability.

Peppertype generates AI-written content for blogs, websites, social media, product descriptions, and other digital assets. It aims to provide creative, human-sounding copy optimized for search and user experience.


Gizzmo AI is an innovative AI content creation platform that allows bloggers and marketers to easily scale high-quality, optimized content production.

By automating the heavy lifting of research and writing, Gizzmo enables users to focus on strategy, creativity, and connecting with their audiences.

With flexible pricing, seamless WordPress integration, and intuitive workflows requiring no special skills, Gizzmo delivers immense value for taking content marketing to the next level.

The free trial makes testing the platform at low risk easy. Overall, Gizzmo is a game-changing tool for effortless AI-powered content creation.


How does Gizzmo AI integrate with WordPress?
Gizzmo offers a WordPress plugin that enables seamless integration. Once installed, you can generate content with a few clicks within your WP dashboard and publish it directly to your site.

What level of writing quality does Gizzmo AI produce?
The content is well-researched, structured, and written for human readers and search engines. While AI-generated, the articles are polished, engaging, and customized for your niche.

Can I make edits to the content before publishing?
Absolutely. Gizzmo provides draft content for you to review and finalize as needed before publishing. You have full control and flexibility.

Does Gizzmo follow WordPress best practices?
Yes, the plugin creates content optimized for WordPress regarding on-page SEO, formatting, multimedia embedding, and more. The posts are structured to rank well and integrate seamlessly with your site.

Can I use Gizzmo AI for clients or commercial use?
Gizzmo’s standard license terms permit clients and commercial use. You can leverage the tool to provide services for clients or monetize the content directly, like through Amazon affiliate links.

Does Gizzmo AI provide any usage rights to the generated content?
Yes, with a standard Gizzmo license, you have full commercial rights to the outputs created through the platform. You own the content produced to utilize it as you see fit.