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Copysmith AI Copywriter Review

4.7/5Overall Score

Copysmith can produce categories, product descriptions, headlines, taglines, rewritten content, and PPC ads. The possibilities are limitless.

  • High quality generated content.
  • Various writing tools.
  • Integrated keywords and plagiarism checker.
  • A bit difficult to use.
  • Very limited credits in the starter plan.
  • A human touch is mandatory in the finalization.

Recently, I’ve heard a lot about a company named Their creator Jasmine Wang has been doing something exciting with AI in content marketing.

Copysmith is a unique technological innovation designed to make the most of the digital age. With this service, you’ll be able to create various types of marketing content using artificial intelligence. This is more efficient than creating text on your own or with the help of a writing team, but there are a variety of advantages and disadvantages to be considered.

If you’re working with many websites and spend much time developing content for these assets, you could discover that this AI marketing content will save you a significant amount of money.

We have decided to test the AI creator of content by conducting the full Copysmith review. We’ve tried it out to determine how the AI technology will perform.

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What is Copysmith AI?

Copysmith Home Page

We should first be aware that using this AI writing system is probably not the most suitable option for long pieces of content (such as blogs, ebooks, articles, or other such items). But, the AI system employing GPT-3 will allow you to create a variety of ads and other fragments of text.

Copysmith can produce categories, product descriptions, headlines, taglines, rewritten content, and PPC ads. The possibilities are limitless. According to the website, the software is designed to make high-converting emails, ads, or product descriptions as swiftly as is possible, meaning you’ll be less looking at blank pages.

Copysmith lets you scale your marketing content virtually Infinitum and with a content creator who is never tired. You can modify the content you enjoy or get help in creating content or blog concepts, or create product descriptions all in one location.

In addition to helping you create the content you want to publish, Copysmith also assists with managing your copy assets as well. It’s a platform that lets you manage and store copies in various folders, modify your content until it’s perfect, and export or import CSVs. It supports collaboration and teamwork too.

Copysmith AI Features:

Copysmith is a relatively new company. Copysmith constantly adds new features, as well as improves existing ones.

There are 26 templates for marketing to pick from. These include ads template (for Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and carousel advertisements) as well as designs for branding (such as SEO metatags, taglines, or landing pages) as well as design templates for brainstorming (such as headlines for adverts captions, listicles, and headlines) and a variety of blog templates.

Copysmith AI Features

The process of trying out templates is straightforward, even if you have no marketing/copywriting experience. Select the template you’d like to use in the first place, and then enter keywords and brief descriptions of your product, service, or company into the fields available. Following that, you can watch the AI technology quickly generate the appropriate copy.

In the end, Copysmith creates an accurate copy. However, even if the result isn’t correct after the first couple of attempts, we discovered that careful revision of the descriptions and keywords could improve.

Copysmith AI Features

Perhaps the most striking aspect unique to Copysmith can be the generator for blog posts that generate complete blog posts using just a tiny amount of input information.

After you’ve written a brief introduction paragraph, including a few keywords and three or four opening sentences, the template will be packed with accurate, helpful text. In addition, if you want to alter any part of the text, The content rewriter feature efficiently simplifies the process by automatically rephrasing the content.

Copysmith AI Features

If you’ve signed up for plans that limit the number of blog posts you can create each calendar month, Copysmith provides additional generation for $0.80 for each blog entry.

No matter which subscription plan you choose, Your copy is protected from plagiarism. Copysmith claims that since its AI technology creates copy word-for-word, it passes through one of the most popular plagiarism checking tools (such as Copyscape).

Copysmith AI Features

Copysmith offers a brand new Google Chrome extension that’s available to download from the Chrome Web Store. Users can access Copysmith’s tools for copywriting with ease and speed. The method from any website and any device. This can be useful for creating and sharing copies at the instant.

SEO in Copysmith AI:

Copysmith has a Frase integration that automatically allows you to find keywords and incorporate them into your work.

If you add your primary search phrase or keyword, Copysmith generates content based on the top results from your search. Copysmith is an excellent tool to create SEO-friendly content. I suggest using other SEO tools and methods to ensure that your content is well optimized.

Copysmith AI Content Quality:

And now, for the most critical question of this Copysmith review, how excellent is the quality of the content?

The quick answer: I was awestruck.

Copysmith isn’t nearly as good as Jarvis regarding the quality of writing. There are times when you can tell that it’s artificially generated rather than written by a person. Some small portions in my post did not make sense, and some chapters seemed off-topic.

In addition, the quality of the material was extremely high. I particularly liked how the program uses a natural and natural tone of voice. The sentences flowed nicely across each other; however, the writing was a bit sloppy, with about 95% of the data provided is flawless.

Copysmith Pricing:

Copysmith AI Pricing Monthly
Copysmith AI Pricing Yearly

Copysmith offers three plans which include Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. Each comes with unlimited AI content creation and can be purchased in one of two options: a monthly subscription or an annual subscription. Interestingly, the annual subscription is considered more profitable. You can also try a 7-day unlimited free trial.

The basic plan is priced at just $19 per month (or $192 for the year. It comes with all available marketing templates, but it does not include the blog builder.

The Pro plan (priced at $59 per month or $600 for the year) generates 100 blog posts each month. Copysmith prioritizes feedback from your customers on which tools and templates to include in future releases and upgrades if you choose the Pro plan.

The Enterprise plan prioritizes customer input and offers unlimited blog post creation, and gives you access to the latest tools (such as the team collaboration tool). If you’re interested in this premium plan, it’s best to contact the Copysmith team Copysmith for pricing.

Copysmith customer support:

When trying to connect the Copysmith solution to other tools such as AppSumo and Microsoft Outlook or simply looking to learn more about the functionality of the Copysmith service, support is vital. The great thing is that Copysmith’s support method is of a high standard. Contact Copysmith by mail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Copysmith’s “Features Demand” live page is also a sign that they genuinely listen to early adopters and customer feedback. The company is constantly changing its approach to ensure that you receive a high-quality copy at less than a typical copywriter’s cost. Enterprise customers receive excellent support and onboarding assistance.

You will benefit from having an account manager as an Enterprise customer, but you will have to pay an additional fee to take advantage of this privilege. If you don’t have the most expensive account, don’t freight as the company responds quickly to requests for help.

Plus, you can be sure you’re getting the protection and security you need since Copysmith uses Google Firebase for security to ensure that all information is protected with high-grade 256-bit AES encryption. You can securely access all your Copysmith account data by logging into your account using Google, which will reduce the time you need to create new passwords and names.

Alternatives of Copysmith:

The AI industry is developing rapidly, and various AI-based writing tools have come into the market. These tools might be the most effective alternatives to Copysmith AI:

Copysmith Final Thought:

We think Copysmith can be a thrilling new product to the world of copywriting. If you’re looking to make sure that your business gets its brand out there, Copysmith is an excellent extension of your strategy for content. The pricing structure of Copysmith is simple to comprehend and inexpensive, depending on the needs of your business. Of course, there are alternatives.

The roadmap for product development for Copysmith continues to evolve, which makes Copysmith more competitive and appealing for business owners today. Overall, Copysmith creates useful, high-quality, and original copies quickly.

Copysmith’s AI feature and user-friendly interface offer you a fantastic device to speed up your content production. Although you may never eliminate all of your human professionals immediately, you can utilize Copysmith to get more accomplished in less time.

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  1. What is the best tool for compelling short copy, in your opinion? I’m using Jasper, but I think it’s a bit overkill at that price since I’m only using it for short copy. I’ve tried the trial for Copysmith but I’m wondering do you have better alternative than that.

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