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How To Automate Facebook? New Software FB Automation Suite.

Looking for a way to boost your business and increase your lead generation efforts? Look no further than FB Automation Suite, the powerful new tool that can help you automate Facebook marketing efforts, allowing you to get more leads, clients, and sales without spending money on ads. With features like automatic friend adding, commenting, tagging, and following up with contacts, FB Automation Suite gives you the tools you need to succeed in today’s competitive online landscape.

This tool is created by a top affiliate, Derrick Vandyke, who has worked as an online marketer for 10 years.
FB Automation Suite has already been very successful on the Warriorplus platform.

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What is FB Automation Suite, and what are its features?

The Facebook Automation Suite is a tool that can be used to automate tasks on your social media pages. You may have seen it being advertised as an “automated” network, but what this means is the countless number of actions you could take with just one click! It’s perfect for anyone who wants their content posted automatically and at set times throughout each day or week, depending upon how much time they spend online. In this blog article, we will present all these features to you.

How Does FB Automation Suite Work?

FB Automation Suite is a powerful tool that works together to help you automate tasks on your Facebook page.
So if you want to generate free leads and sales, follow these 3 easy steps.
Step 1: Add targeted contacts using the Friend Maker tool.
Step 2: Follow up with contacts using the message connector tool.
Step 3: Interact with your contacts using the comment responder tool.

Facebook Automation Software

FB Automation Suite features:

Friend Maker:

With this tool, you can:

  • Add new friends from groups, messages, or friend lists.
  • Simultaneously send personalized messages automatically.
  • Reduce time and effort by automating your prospecting, so you can focus on developing connections and closing the sale!
  • Invite friends to individuals in groups that share your field of interest.
  • Personalize messages by using the tag {firstname} simultaneously.
  • Make friend invitations to users that make comments on popular posts.
  • Invite friends to the people who are on your friends list.
  • Automate your prospecting process on Facebook while at work or with family.
Facebook Automation Suite Friend Maker Tool

Message connector:

With this tool, you can:

  • Send personal messages to your new friends to say thank you for agreeing to be friends with you and begin to build a connection!
  • Reconnect with friends you haven’t spoken to for a while by sending a personal message to all your acquaintances.
  • Create multiple campaigns and multiple messages that are automatically instantly sent to your contacts.
  • The software can send thirty messages per day to protect your account.
  • Set it up once, and it will send you messages throughout the day until you tell it to stop.
  • You’ll always find empty mailboxes…
  • Instead, you’ll see an ongoing flow of eager prospective customers wanting to know more about your company and the services you can offer.
Facebook Automation Suite Message Connector Tool

Comment Responder:

With this tool, you can:

  • Reduces time spent by responding to comments you leave on your blog instantly!
  • It increases your organic reach and increases your organic reach on Facebook by connecting with your friends in real-time!
  • Include variations of your responses which rotate through the comments
  • Search your post for the most popular keywords and then reply automatically
  • If the user likes comments and tags, the user automatically
  • Imagine being asked to respond to 100 commenters on one of your blog posts…
  • Imagine doing it all by clicking a single button!
  • You’ll love the Comment Responder since it’s simple to use, and your coworkers will think you’re a social media guru!
Facebook Automation Suite Comment Responder Tool

Group Magnet:

If you have a Facebook group or are planning to create one, FB Automation Suite’s Group Magnet tool can help you:

  • Add your members’ email addresses to your autoresponder.
  • Automatically collect the email addresses of people who request to join your Facebook group!
  • Download email addresses from the cloud and import them into your autoresponder.
Facebook Automation Suite, Group Magnet Tool

Friend Remover:

If you have reached your friend limit, the Friend Remover tool allows you to:

  • Scan all your friends in one click.
  • Scan all your messages to see who is active.
  • Delete friends who have never commented on your posts.
Facebook Automation Suite, Friend Remover Tool

Who can benefit from the automation of Facebook?

Affiliate marketers: can use FB Automation Suite to automate the process of targeting potential customers.
Product Providers: by automating Facebook, they can save time by having the ability to schedule posts in advance, as well as set up bots to respond to customer queries. Additionally, they can use Facebook’s advertising tools to better target their audience and measure the performance of their ads.
Freelancers: can benefit from automating Facebook in several ways. First, automating posts can help you save time, which is especially important when juggling multiple clients and projects. Automating posts also allows you to share relevant content with your followers regularly, so they never lose sight of what you’re up to. Automating your Facebook account can help you be more productive and efficient while building relationships with potential customers.
Local businesses: by automating Facebook, they can save time and energy by automatically delivering posts on a set schedule. This can help keep the Facebook business page active and engaging while freeing the business owner to focus on other tasks. Additionally, automation can help local businesses target their specific audiences more effectively, helping to increase reach and conversions.

FB Automation Suite Pricing:

There are two plans for buying this tool: the first is to pay $27 per month. The second is paying $197 for one time.
Additionally, you can utilize FB Automation Suite for full 30-days without any limitations. If, after 30 days, you’re not happy, you are entitled to use the money-back guarantee, which allows you to get the full reimbursement of your purchase.

FB Automation Suite 30 days money-back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

The FB Automation Suite is a collection of Chrome extensions that make it easier to automate the process of creating a list of friends, sending customized messages in addition to managing contact information.

Yes, you can email

Try it risk-free for 30 days. Then, you’ll receive your money back If you’re not happy.

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