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8 Best social media analytics software

Anyone serious about using social media wants to know what their posts are doing. This is especially important for companies that want to establish a level of return on investment for their social media activities. Likewise, companies that work with influencers need to know the effectiveness of their influencer marketing campaigns.

Every major social network offers a range of social media analytics tools. However, in some cases, social networks impose certain limits on access to analytics.

There is much software for social media analysis. They may, however, give you more analytics or display them in a more user-friendly way than official analytics tools. The team has tested several social media analysis software. This article will present 8 tools that could prove useful for your needs.

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What is social media analytics?

In an article published in TechTarget, Katie Terrell Hanna explains that “social media analysis” refers to analyzing and collecting information about the public via social networks to help improve strategic business decisions. In an organization.

The use of social media can benefit companies by allowing marketers to recognize patterns in consumer behavior relevant to their industry and could impact the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Another significant illustration of how analytics on social media helps with marketing campaigns is providing data to determine the ROI of an advertising campaign based on visitors from different social media platforms.

In addition, marketers can study the results of various social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter — and specific social media posts to identify which messages and topics are most popular with the target users.

Why should you have social media analytics software?

Social media analytics tools can help you prepare performance reports that you can present to your team or other stakeholders and your boss to find out what’s working and what’s not. They can also provide the data needed to analyze your social media marketing strategy at a macro and micro level.

They can help you with concerns such as:

  • Does it make sense for my business to continue posting on Instagram?
  • What are the most viewed posts on Facebook during the week?
  • Do we need to post more on Pinterest?
  • Which of the networks generated the most interest in our product launch?
Best social media analytics software Pin
  • What type of content are my followers most likely to leave comments on?
  • And many more questions that only social media analytics software can answer.

In our list, we have chosen the social media analysis software that is more suitable for small businesses and individuals because some of these tools can serve you as a social media management platform. In addition to the feature Team Members, which saves you time and money.

8 Best social media analytics software:

Overall Score
HubSpot Logo

You can link social media’s performance to revenue and business growth through HubSpot analysis software. It doesn’t matter if you publish directly on HubSpot, use other tools, or even on the move. You’ll be able to evaluate the effectiveness of your social media strategy throughout all platforms. It is also possible to compare the performance of different social platforms to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign.

HubSpot’s tools for social analytics provide large graphs and images which break down the numbers according to specific features on the platform, like the number of people who reach you, how long your session lasts and impressions.

In addition, HubSpot’s social analytics instruments are part of HubSpot’s Marketing Hub, their all-in-one inbound marketing platform. It means that, by using the platform, you’ll gain insights into the whole customer experience and specific social media-related metrics. You’ll be able to determine your company’s most effective marketing strategies and how they affect your financial results and discover more about the return on investment from your social media advertising campaigns.

This makes HubSpot the ideal choice for companies with marketing departments that wish to manage all their campaign activities in one location.

HubSpot Pricing:

HubSpot social media analytics software

Free Plan: HubSpot offers free tools as part of its CRM platform. These tools offer “lite” versions of selected features from our paid products. They also include our free CRM functionality, which powers every HubSpot Product.

Marketing Hub:

  • Plan Starter: $45/mo
  • Plan Professional: $800/mo
  • Plan Enterprise: $3,200/mo

Sales Hub:

  • Plan Starter: $45/mo
  • Plan Professional: $450/mo
  • Plan Enterprise: $1,200/mo

Service Hub:

  • Plan Starter: $45/mo
  • Plan Professional: $450/mo
  • Plan Enterprise: $1,200/mo

CMS Hub:

  • Plan Starter: $23/mo
  • Plan Professional: $360/mo
  • Plan Enterprise: $1,200/mo

Opérations Hub:

  • Plan Starter: $45/mo
  • Plan Professional: $720/mo
  • Plan Enterprise: $2,000/mo
Overall Score
Brand24 Logo

Brand24 is an online tool for analyzing social media. It offers a two-week free trial (no card needed).

The tool performs both web and social media monitoring and cross-channel analysis.

You can track keywords relevant to your business, such as business name, your business web address hashtags, marketing campaign name, or hashtag. You can also see how these keywords perform on social media channels in terms of social media reach, engagement, the number of mentions, and the influence of sources mentioning them, for example.

The main features of Brand24 are:

Analyze the performance of your social media accounts: examine the effectiveness of the keywords you have on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube by focusing on the volume of mentions, the reach on social networks, as well as the sentiment of the word -keys.

Engagement Metrics: Measure the number of engagement posts on social media, marketing campaigns, and other product content.

Influencer Metrics These are great for influencer marketing because you can gauge the impact of authors on social media talking about your business or any other topic.

Hot hashtags to follow: Find trending hashtags on Instagram for any search term

Hashtag analysis: Find out how often the hashtag has been used on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Brand24 Pricing:

Brand24 social media software Home Page


  • Plan Individual: $59/Mo
  • Plan Team: $119/Mo
  • Plan Pro: $179/Mo
  • Plan Enterprise: $299/Mo


  • Plan Individual: $49/Mo
  • Plan Team: $99/Mo
  • Plan Pro: $149/Mo
  • Plan Enterprise: $249/Mo
Overall Score
Dashthis Logo

DashThis provides an automatic tool for reporting to agencies, marketers and social media administrators.

This tool can create a dashboard that will include all your social media information and marketing data that is continuously updated daily!

Native integrations comprise Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google Analytics, multiple SEO tools, and many more.

DashThis offers time-saving features to assist you in setting your dashboards in a matter of seconds, including preset templates for reports, preset KPIs, and more.

Dashthis Pricing:

Dashthis social media software home page


  • Plan Individual: $39/Mo
  • Plan Professional: $129/Mo
  • Plan Business: $249/Mo
  • Plan Standard: $399/Mo


  • Plan Individual: $33/Mo
  • Plan Professional: $109/Mo
  • Plan Business: $209/Mo
  • Plan Standard: $339/Mo
Overall Score
Tailwind Logo

Tailwind combines a graphic design tool and a social media scheduler. Shopify, Jenny Yoo, and many others use them.

The app allows you to create and publish social media content quickly.

Here’s a summary of all the Tailwind App has to offer:

  • Upload content to Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook
  • One post can create content for all platforms
  • Keep drafts safe for later
  • Instagram Marketing Features: Post regular posts, carousel posts and Stories
  • Graphic design tool
  • Built-in link in bio tool
  • Hashtag suggestions
  • Use hashtags to save
  • Pinterest Marketing: Communities
  • Apps for Android, iOS and the Web
  • Extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera

Tailwind Pricing:

Tailwind social media analytics software
  • Plan Free: $0 (Free Forever)
  • Plan Pro: $9.99 /Mo $119.88 billed annually
  • Plan Advanced: $19.99 /Mo $239.88 billed annually
  • Plan Max: $39.99 /Mo $479.88 billed annually
Overall Score
Crowdfire Logo

Crowdfire is a social media marketing tool that utilizes the clean-engage-grow to guarantee fast expansion on social media. Crowdfire’s smart features are available via Android, Web and iOS apps.

Crowdfire provides the most powerful solutions tailored to the users on Instagram and Twitter.

Crowdfire’s powerful solutions offer powerful connections to users, which help them reach their social media objectives, including brand recognition and increased sales and fans.

Crowdfire’s “clean” features help to keep away from unneeded and spam accounts. These “clean” functions are beneficial for both individuals and organizations.

Crowdfire Pricing:

Crowdfire social media software home page
  • Plan Free: $0 (Free Forever)


  • Plan Plus: $9.99/Mo
  • Plan Premium: $49.99/Mo
  • Plan VIP: $99.99/Mo


  • Plan Plus: $7.48/Mo
  • Plan Premium: $37.48/Mo
  • Plan VIP: $74.98/Mo
Overall Score
Salesforce Social Studio Logo

Salesforce is renowned for buying companies that can add value to its CRM system. Today, given the degree that social media has risen to impact sales, the introduction of Radian6 is a smart decision. 

Social Studio integrates with Salesforce, allowing users to publish content, monitor conversations, and analyze social media data. It has some powerful features that concentrate on the impact of social media on sales. It allows you to get feedback on sales and service campaigns and then tie everything to social media accounts.

Salesforce Social Studio Pricing:

Salesforce social studio social media software home page
  • Plan Basic: $1,000/Mo
  • Plan Pro: $4,000/Mo
  • Corporate: $12,000/Mo
  • Enterprise: $40,000/Mo
Overall Score
Hellowoofy Logo

HelloWoofy is a robust Social media-based marketing system that lets users communicate with customers and expand their following using digital sciences technology. 

The platform helps users be productive by creating brand authentic content using websites, feeds from RSS and other sources that they offer. 

The software consists of an active engine that prevents harmful content from being published. It provides relevant content suggestions using the previously posted content using AI technology. It creates new content using its extensive collection of sources.

It also has an engine for compliance that blocks inappropriate, ineffective, or damaging content from being published in the user’s profile. Its Voice Assist feature lets people make content, control their campaigns, and navigate the platform using their voice. 

The platform also has group collaboration features, such as setting permissions, receiving feedback and then sharing it with others that result in the efficient implementation of campaigns for groups of people. 

Hellowoofy can be joined with Hootsuite to improve how content is produced and curated through social networks.

HelloWoofy Pricing:

Hellowoofy social media software home page
  • Plan Small Business: $99/year ($8.25/Mo annually)
  • Plan Agency: $149/year ($12.50/Mo annually)
  • Plan Agency+: $399/year ($33/Mo annually)
Overall Score
CoSchedule Logo

CoSchedule isn’t just an amazing tool for measuring social media performance. Still, it’s also the most effective social editorial calendar available. This is where it shines because it lets you evaluate social media postings’ effectiveness.

Based on this information, CoSchedule will suggest improvements and provide recommendations to you in all channels.

Not only that, but the calendar also provides information on the most effective time to publish and the most appropriate day to publish, and the most appropriate type of content you can post.

In terms of social analytics, from engagement metrics to social share analytics and everything in between, CoSchedule is a platform you should examine concerning your needs for social media analytics.

CoSchedule Pricing:

CoSchedule social media software home page

Plan Free: $0 (Free Forever)

Plan Pro: $39 per user / month

Final Thought:

Many various software options are related to the monitoring of social media analytics as well as everything that goes with it. The trick is to find one that’s suitable for your company that is user-friendly, easy to use and offers you the results and reports you’re searching for.

The social media tools listed in the above list are reliable. It’s impossible to go wrong with any of them. Try them out and see how they perform for you.

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