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Best 20 AI Lead Generation Software for Small Businesses

If you’re running a small business, you know that lead generation is the lifeblood of your sales pipeline. However, traditional methods of lead generation can be time-consuming and often yield less-than-desirable results. That’s where AI-based lead generation comes into play. With the help of AI-powered software, small businesses can now generate high-quality leads more efficiently than ever.
In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to 20 AI-powered lead generation software tools to help your small business boost its sales. We’ll cover everything from lead capture and qualification to lead scoring and nurturing. You’ll learn how these tools use machine learning algorithms to analyze data and predict which leads will most likely convert into customers.
Keep reading if you want to streamline your lead generation process and boost your sales. By the end of this post, we guarantee you’ll better understand how AI-powered lead-generation software can help your small business succeed.

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Is lead generation using AI effective for small businesses?

Small businesses are using AI for lead generation more and more, and recent studies have shown that it works. According to an article published on HubSpot in March 2023, AI lead generation tools can help small businesses identify high-quality leads more efficiently and accurately than traditional methods. The article highlights the benefits of AI in lead generation, including automated lead scoring, personalized messaging, and improved data analysis. AI can also help companies improve their marketing strategies to reach the correct target audience by delivering the correct message. The article cites a study by BrightTALK that found that companies using AI in their lead generation efforts saw a 60% increase in leads, a 50% decrease in cost per lead, and a 70% increase in conversion rates. The study also found that 80% of respondents believed that AI would play a significant role in lead generation in the future. These findings demonstrate the potential of AI-powered lead generation for small businesses to achieve their sales goals and stay competitive in their industries.

20 AI Lead Generation Software for Small Businesses:

In the digital age we live in now, small businesses need to use technology to stay competitive. AI lead generation software is one of the most promising technologies. We will explore 20 AI lead generation tools that small businesses can use to improve their sales and marketing efforts.

Home Page of hubspot Ai Lead Generation Software

HubSpot is a tool for generating leads powered by AI and has many features that can help businesses find, engage, and convert leads. One of its main features is lead scoring, which uses AI algorithms to assign scores to leads based on their behaviour, demographics, and other factors. This helps businesses prioritize leads and focus their efforts on the most promising ones. HubSpot also offers personalized messaging, which allows businesses to tailor their communication to individual leads based on their interests and behaviours. Another notable feature is its analytics dashboard, which provides insights into the performance of marketing campaigns and helps businesses make data-driven decisions.
HubSpot’s pros include how easy it is to use and how well it works with other tools like Salesforce and Zapier.

Home Page of Agile CRM AI Lead Generation Software

Agile CRM has a lead generation system powered by artificial intelligence and comes with many tools to help businesses streamline their marketing and sales processes. One of the most prominent characteristics is its capability to keep track of site visitors’ visits and record their contact information. This is then used to create leads. Agile CRM can also provide lead scoring. It uses AI algorithms to give leads scores based on their behaviour and level of engagement. This allows businesses to prioritize leads and concentrate their efforts on leads most likely to make a sale. In addition, Agile CRM offers personalized emails and workflows that are automated to save time and enhance the efficiency of sales processes.
The benefits of using Agile CRM are:
It’s a reasonable price.
Easy-to-use interface.
Ability to work with other applications such as Zapier or Mailchimp.

Home Page of Pipedrive AI Lead Generation Software

Pipedrive is a popular tool for generating leads powered by AI and comes with various tools to help businesses get a handle on their sales pipeline. One of the most important features is the ability to automatically sort leads from email, web forms, and social media, among other places. Pipedrive also has a feature called “lead scoring,” which uses AI to give leads scores based on what they do and how engaged they are. This allows companies to prioritize leads and focus their efforts on those prospects most likely to turn into customers. Pipedrive also has automated workflows and custom dashboards that show how well advertising campaigns are doing in real-time.
Pipedrive’s easy-to-use interface, customizable features, and the ability to connect with other tools like Zapier or Mailchimp are all excellent reasons to use it.

Home Page of Salesflare Ai Lead Generation Software

AI powers the Salesflare lead-generation tool and focuses on enhancing small businesses’ sales processes. One of its main advantages is its capacity to collect and organize customer data from various sources, including emails, telephone calls, and social media. Salesflare also provides intelligent lead scoring that uses AI algorithms to give leads scores according to their behaviour and level of engagement. This allows businesses to prioritize leads and concentrate their efforts on those most likely to be converted. Furthermore, Salesflare offers personalized email campaigns and automated workflows, which can reduce time and boost the efficiency of the sales process.
The pros of using Salesflare are that it’s easy to use, it can work with many other tools, like Zapier and Mailchimp, and it’s not too expensive.

Home Page of Close AI Lead Generation Software

Close is an AI lead generation tool that gives businesses a lot of ways to manage their sales pipeline. One of its best features is that it can automatically collect and sort leads from many different places, like email, web forms, and social media. Additionally, Close provides lead scoring, which rates lead according to their engagement and behaviour using AI algorithms. This enables firms to sort their leads according to the likelihood of conversion and concentrate their efforts on those. Close also provides workflow automation and personalized email campaigns to save time and increase the sales process’s effectiveness.
Close’s benefits include its easy-to-use interface, its ability to connect to other tools like Zapier and Slack, and its reasonable price.

Home Page of Agency Client Finder AI Lead Generation Software

Agency Client Finder is a tool for generating leads powered by artificial intelligence and is good at finding clients who could be suitable for digital marketing firms. Its main feature is that it can find and target businesses that are most likely to need help from a marketing company. It accomplishes this by studying businesses’ web behaviour and identifying those searching for marketing solutions. Furthermore, Agency Client Finder offers customized email campaigns and automated follow-up sequences that allow you to connect with potential customers.
The advantages to the use of Agency Client Finder include its particular approach that could result in more qualified leads and its capability to integrate with well-known CRM tools such as HubSpot and Salesforce.

Home Page of Visitor queue AI Lead Generation Software

Visitor Queue is a powerful AI tool that helps businesses find out who is visiting their website and keep track of them. This tool allows companies to track and analyze their visitors’ behaviour on their websites, such as the pages they visited, the length of their stay, and the actions they took. The tool then identifies the businesses of those visitors and provides relevant contact information for those businesses’ decision-makers, such as their email addresses and phone numbers. With Visitor Queue, companies can easily find new prospects interested in their products or services and contact them through different channels.
Visitor Queue’s ability to work with other marketing and sales tools, like CRM software and email marketing platforms, is one of its best features. This integration allows companies to streamline lead generation and follow-up processes and improve their sales efficiency. Plus, Visitor Queue offers customizable reports and analytics to help businesses track the effectiveness of their lead-generation efforts.

Home Page of phantombuster Ai Lead Generation Software

Phantombuster is an Ai lead generation tool which offers businesses a wide range of tools for automation. It can automate advertising on social networks, email outreach, mining data, and other lead-generation activities. Phantombuster has automated workflows pre-built for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, allowing users to identify and interact with potential leads. Additionally, it comes with a flexible workflow builder tool that permits companies to build the automation workflows they want to use. One of the most significant benefits of the Phantombuster is its adaptability. It can integrate with various platforms and tools, including Zapier, Google Sheets, and Slack, making it simple to integrate with existing platforms used by companies. The other benefit of Phantombuster is its easy-to-use interface and accessibility for customer assistance.

Home Page of keap ai Lead Generation Software

Keap is an AI lead generation software that helps small businesses streamline their marketing and sales processes. The main benefit of Keap is that it lets you keep an eye on prospects and their customers from the first contact to the sale and beyond. Keap also has landing pages, email campaigns, and follow-up sequences that can be changed to fit a business’s needs. These tools help businesses connect with potential customers and turn leads into sales.
The advantages of Keap are:
It has extensive CRM capabilities.
User-friendly interface.
Ability to connect with popular business tools like Google Analytics and QuickBooks.

Home Page of seamless ai Lead Generation Software

Seamless AI is a lead generation tool that combines machine learning with natural language processing to create top-quality business leads. The main benefit is the ability to search and evaluate data from multiple sources, such as corporate websites, social media, and public records. This allows Seamless AI users to get complete and current contact information for potential customers. Potentials. In addition, Seamless AI offers email marketing, CRM integration, and lead nurturing tools that assist businesses in managing their sales pipeline.
The advantages that come with making use of Seamless AI include its accuracy of lead information and the ability to deliver immediate updates on the lead status and contacts. Furthermore, Seamless offers an intuitive interface that allows users to navigate and customize lead generation strategies easily.

Home Page of Persistiq AI Lead Generation Software

Persistiq can be described as an AI lead generation tool created to assist sales professionals in improving their outbound sales efforts. Its primary features are personalization, email automation, and monitoring. Thanks to its sophisticated email automation capabilities, Persistiq allows sales teams to develop and deliver targeted email sequences to prospective customers on a vast scale. Its AI algorithms evaluate the engagement of recipient information and suggest the most effective timing for sending follow-up emails with the best effect. The tracking capabilities of Persistiq allow users to track and analyze performance metrics for the engagement of recipients, including clicks and opens, to enhance their email outreach strategies.
One of the most significant advantages of Persistiq is its simplicity of use. This can make it an ideal choice for mid-sized and small businesses. The intuitive interface makes it easy for sales personnel to create and send emails without technical know-how. Furthermore, Persistiq integrates seamlessly with numerous popular CRM platforms like Salesforce, making it effortless to keep track of lead information and streamline the sales process.

Home Page of Saleshandy AI Lead Generation Software

SalesHandy is an AI lead generation software, it was made to help businesses reach their ideal audience and generate leads effectively. Through its sophisticated features for automating emails, users can create personalized email messages for potential customers at a large scale, monitor the number of clicks and opens on emails, and set up emails to provide feedback. Furthermore, the platform analyzes email campaigns, allowing users to gauge their campaigns’ success and adjust them to suit their needs. SalesHandy includes the ability to manage contacts, which helps users arrange and manage the contacts they have efficiently. One of the significant benefits of SalesHandy is its intuitive interface, which is easy for users of all levels. In addition, the system is compatible with the most well-known marketing automation and CRM tools, providing users with effortless lead management and lead generation experiences.

Home Page of Bant io, AI Lead Generation Software is an AI lead generation tool that aids businesses in identifying and reaching prospective customers by employing machine-learning algorithms to analyze information from multiple sources. It offers a broad array of functions, including lead generation, email outreach, and engagement on social media, all designed to assist firms in streamlining their sales processes. It gives a customized approach to lead generation, allowing businesses to reach the right audience using various parameters, like your job title, job location, and industries.

Home Page of Dealfront ai Lead Generation Software

Dealfront is an AI lead generation software that uses cutting-edge algorithms to help businesses find potential customers and generate high-quality leads. Various capabilities are available in the application, including lead scoring, email automation, and data analytics, all of which are intended to assist firms in enhancing their sales processes. Dealfront offers a customized method of lead generation that enables companies to design focused campaigns depending on factors like company size, industry, and region.
One of the best things about Dealfront is that it can help businesses find high-quality leads quickly and easily. The solution ensures that businesses only target customers likely to buy by using AI and human intelligence to analyze data from different sources. Another benefit is that Dealfront offers an intuitive interface that is easy for businesses to create and manage campaigns that generate leads. Dealfront also makes it easy to add to existing sales processes by integrating with valuable tools like Salesforce and Hubspot.

Home Page of Pepeprtype AI Lead Generation Software

PeperType can be best described as AI lead generation software that uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to produce accurate leads. Its main feature is the ability to browse the web and pull data from various sources, such as social media, website directories, and other sites, intending to create databases of potential leads. Additionally, PeperType offers personalized email marketing campaigns, CRM integration, and analytics that help businesses manage their sales pipeline.
The advantages of PeperType are its ability to generate leads quickly and efficiently, its low cost, and its simple user interface.

Home Page of Smartlead AI Lead Generation Software

Smartlead is an AI lead generation system that helps businesses find and pursue high-quality leads. The software employs machine-learning algorithms to analyze information from various sources, including social media platforms and business directories, to present users with a database of leads they could pursue that meet their criteria. Target. Furthermore, Smartlead offers lead nurturing, email marketing, and CRM integration tools that help companies manage their sales pipeline.
One of the best things about Smartlead is that it can give potential leads up-to-date and accurate contact information. Artificial intelligence-powered algorithms ensure businesses can reach an appropriate audience by sending an appropriate message. Furthermore, Smartlead offers a user-friendly interface to allow companies to modify their lead generation strategies depending on their specific needs. Another advantage of using Smartlead is its pricing structure, which is inexpensive compared with other AI tools for lead generation.

Home Page of Warmbox ai Lead Generation Software

Warmbox AI is lead generation software powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It helps small businesses find leads so they can make more sales. The tool comes with a variety of tools that will benefit companies, such as data enrichment, validation of emails, and lead scoring. Through Warmbox AI, businesses can transfer leads and contacts. The tool enhances the information with other information like job titles, company size, and industries. This tool will also assist firms in identifying potential leads by employing AI to scan the web and social media to find potential clients. In addition, Warmbox AI has a lead scoring system that seeks out high-quality leads based on factors such as participation and job title. It is simple to operate, and companies can set up automatic workflows to keep track of leads swiftly.

Home Page of Skylead AI Lead Generation Software

Skylead is an AI lead generation system. It uses machine learning to assist companies in generating targeted leads from LinkedIn. The application offers various functions, such as personal outreach, auto-connection, and follow-up emails, to increase sales efficiency. Through Skylead, companies can streamline the process of generating leads and concentrate on closing more sales. One of the significant advantages of Skylead is its capacity to produce high-quality leads rapidly and efficiently without the need for manual work by sales personnel. It also helps boost efficiency by providing insight into the demographics of your target market and finding ways to connect with the people they are targeting. Another benefit of Skylead is its easy-to-use interface, making it simple to set up and utilize even for users needing more technical knowledge.

Home Page of Expandi AI Lead Generation Software

Expandi is a LinkedIn automation tool with AI developed for lead generation. Its features include tailored messaging to engage prospects, automated connection requests to target ideal prospects, and powerful search filters. Thanks to its AI algorithms, Expandi can change the frequency of actions automatically to prevent LinkedIn from flagging it as a spammer. Another standout feature is its campaign planning tool, which enables users to set up campaigns ahead of time and automate follow-up messages to improve the likelihood of converting leads into customers.
One of Expandi’s benefits is its user-friendly interface, which makes the platform simple to use, even for non-technical people. It also has many materials, like tutorials and instructions, to help users get the most out of the tool. The prices at Expandi are similarly reasonable. It’s crucial to remember that while using cutting-edge AI algorithms, LinkedIn’s automation might still put users at risk. Therefore, users should use the tool carefully and with caution.

Home Page of mailergpt AI Lead Generation Software

Mailergpt is an AI-powered email outreach tool for businesses that can help them create leads and increase conversion. It employs machine-learning algorithms to study email engagement statistics and optimize outreach strategies, which results in higher response rates and better sales. Through MailerGpt, users can create personalized email sequences and templates, customize messages using merge tags, and keep track of the number of emails that are opened and clicked, as well as replies, in real time. It also provides the ability to verify email addresses and list cleansing services to ensure emails are correct and current. Mailergpt offers a simple interface and integrations with top CRM and mail service companies, making it easy to integrate into workflows already in place. The AI-powered features of the software include scheduling emails, A/B testing, email scheduling, and automatic follow-up procedures to assist companies in effectively reaching out to potential clients and improving their odds of turning leads into sales.

Why should small businesses use artificial intelligence tools?

Small and medium-sized businesses can get a lot out of using tools based on artificial intelligence. According to an article published on in March 2023, AI can help these businesses improve client experiences while increasing efficiency and cutting expenses. The article explains that AI can automate time-consuming processes like processing and analyzing data and frees employees to concentrate on more valuable tasks. It can also identify patterns and insights that humans might miss, helping businesses make more informed decisions. Additionally, AI-powered chatbots can provide 24/7 customer support, improving response times and satisfaction rates. The article notes that while there is an upfront investment in AI tools, the long-term benefits can outweigh the costs. As technology evolves, it will become increasingly crucial for businesses, regardless of size, to use AI to stay relevant in their industries.


In conclusion, small businesses can improve their sales process by using software that AI powers. With these tools, businesses can easily find and target possible customers, which increases their chances of turning leads into sales. Each of the 20 software options we discussed in this post has features and benefits that can help businesses of all sizes and types. Before choosing software, you should carefully consider your business’s needs and goals to make sure you choose the best option for your team. By using AI lead generation tools in your sales strategy, you can improve your conversion rates, streamline your processes, and grow your business.


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