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15 Best AI Website Builders: Create Your Website Fast

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have revolutionized how individuals and small businesses can create an online presence. As these advanced technologies continue progressing, a new generation of “AI website builders” has emerged to make building a website easier and more accessible than ever before. Utilizing automation and artificial intelligence, today’s AI website builders take the complexity out of website creation.

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What is an AI Website Builder?

AI website builders harness artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to streamline the website development process. By automating many of the common tasks involved in designing and launching a site, AI website builders allow anyone – regardless of technical expertise – to generate professional-looking websites within minutes.

Some key ways AI is integrated include automated page generation based on business type or goal, responsive website templates optimized for mobile use, and ongoing site analytics to improve performance continually. With AI doing much of the heavy lifting, building a website is transformed into a simple drag-and-drop process.

Top 15 AI Website Builders

Divi AI Website Builder

Divi AI is an AI-powered tool developed by Elegant Themes to enhance the Divi website builder with cutting-edge artificial intelligence features. Integrated seamlessly into Divi, it leverages advanced technologies like natural language processing and machine learning to assist users at various stages of website development. Some of its key abilities include auto-generating high-quality images, text content, and custom code tailored for Divi modules – removing major bottlenecks in the design process.

Divi AI makes the most of its tight integration with Divi by understanding the context of each project to deliver uniquely relevant results. Users can test its functionalities risk-free as an unlimited free trial is provided with new Divi subscriptions. For continuous access, affordable monthly plans starting from $24 are available which provide unlimited text, image and code generations for both individual users and entire teams. When compared to similar AI tools in the market, Divi AI offers immense value with its intuitive interface, exclusive Divi expertise and very competitive pricing. Overall, it is a one-of-a-kind AI-empowered solution to build customized websites on Divi faster and more efficiently.

CodeDesign AI

CodeDesign AI is a leading AI website builder that allows everyone to create professional-looking websites effortlessly without any coding skills. By utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies, it analyzes user’s needs and automatically designs responsive websites that capture viewers’ attention from the get-go. Some of its most notable AI-backed features include AI-generated responsive templates, an AI writing assistant to enhance copy quality, real-time previews and a seamless drag-and-drop interface to visualize changes instantly.

The tool offers a very generous free plan that provides lifetime access to all basic features along with three website hosts. This makes it a great starting point for users to explore the AI website creation capabilities without spending anything. Additionally, it provides a 7-day money-back guarantee, which removes all the risks associated with experimenting with a new tool.

However, for additional customization options, advanced design tools and unlimited hosting, users can opt for its yearly subscription plans starting from $9 per month. With versatile pricing options and an intuitive AI-powered interface, is undoubtedly a top-notch choice for building high-quality websites without learning any coding.

Appypie AI Website Builder

Appypie’s AI website builder is one of the most potent tools for creating websites using artificial intelligence. Their AI-enabled platform simplifies the entire process of website development for users without any coding skills. Some of its most useful features include AI-powered website templates, a drag-and-drop interface for customized designing, and an AI writing assistant to augment content quality.

Moreover, Appypie provides an entirely free plan to build three basic websites and host them without spending a single penny. This allows new users to experience the ease of AI-driven website creation at no cost. Additionally, beginners can experiment safely for 14 days on their money-back guarantee in case they are not satisfied. However, for advanced functionality and unlimited hosting, affordable monthly plans starting from just $9 are available.

Appypie’s AI website generator turns out to be an extremely resourceful solution for individuals and businesses to set up their online presence with minimal effort. With its user-friendly AI tools and generous free trial period backed by 24/7 support, Appypie undoubtedly streamlines the website development process making it accessible for all.


Weblium is an intuitive AI website builder that allows anyone to develop professional online presences without coding skills or design expertise. It utilizes pre-built templates and customizable blocks to simplify website creation. Users can choose from over 300 designer-made templates across various niches and then refine the design further using drag-and-drop editing.

Weblium’s AI abilities assist users at every stage. Its AI systems optimize generated sites for search engines and offer marketing tools. Users can grow their websites effectively using integrated features like online stores, readymade forms, sales tracking dashboards and CRM functionalities.

The website builder offers a free plan to create basic sites without spending. It provides unrestricted storage, access to all core tools and free hosting. For unlocking advanced customizations, their paid Pro plan starts at a nominal $8.25/month, billed annually. Both options come with a generous free trial, allowing new users to test the platform beforehand.

Shopify AI Website Builder

Shopify’s website builder offers a seamless way to create e-commerce websites without any coding knowledge through the use of artificial intelligence technologies. It has various features that use AI automation to simplify the website creation process. Through Shopify’s AI-powered drag-and-drop interface, users can design responsive store layouts with pre-built themes tailored to different business types. Artificial intelligence is also used to power personalization and automation capabilities to help engage customers throughout their journey.

Shopify provides different plans to suit businesses of all sizes. Even for those just starting, it offers a generous 3-day free trial with no credit card required to build a basic functioning website. This allows new entrepreneurs to test the powerful yet easy-to-use features of Shopify’s AI website builder. After the trial period, affordable monthly subscription plans are available starting from $29, which scales up based on business needs. The cheapest plan also enables users to enjoy the benefits of this AI website builder to create an online presence and start their business journey with minimal financial risk.

Site Pro

Site Pro

Site Pro provides an incredibly versatile AI-powered website creation platform that makes building professional online presences easy for anyone. Their AI tools analyze user responses to generate tailored website templates intuitively. Key features include their collaborative website editor, drag-and-drop builder, a huge library of responsive templates, integrated e-commerce functionality, and support for 49 languages.

What’s more, Site Pro offers some of the fastest hosting around through their supercharged Nginx and HTML-based build. New users are delighted to hear they can try the basic features for free indefinitely. For heavier users, affordable Starter and Business plans start at just $1.44 per month. However, their truly full-featured toolset is accessible through a generous free trial of the high-performance Design Studio option. It’s certainly one of the most complete AI website builders available for both individuals and businesses.


SITE123 is an intuitive AI website builder that allows anyone to create professional online presences without technical expertise or design skills. Its drag-and-drop interface, assisted by AI, simplifies website development. Users can choose from a wide array of readymade responsive templates optimized for various niches and industries.

The platform leverages AI to automate several time-consuming tasks. It generates optimized codes for search engines and offers SEO tools to boost organic traffic. Users can also take advantage of integrated e-commerce features, CMS, email marketing and other business tools to expand functionalities.

SITE123 offers an entirely free website builder plan for basic site creation without spending money. This permits unlimited storage and access to core tools like free domain, web hosting and support. There are also mobile-friendly templates available. For unlocking more customizations and premium offerings, affordable paid plans start at $8,5 per month.

HubSpot AI Website Builder

HubSpot provides the user with a basic but user-friendly AI website builder where you can develop sophisticated websites with ease and zero programming skills. Their AI tool assesses user objectives and business requirements with prompt responses to come up with the best and most fully personalized website templates.
Its main features include:

  • Drag-and-drop editing.
  • Marketing integrations are built into the platform.
  • Mobile-responsive design without additional cost.

They have achieved the above and more because their AI website creation service is currently being offered in free beta access, thus enabling entrepreneurs to build an online presence without any risks meticulously.


Simvoly provides a hugely potent AI-powered platform that allows users to do it all – create fully-featured websites, design sales funnels, build online stores, and implement marketing automation, all through an innovative drag-and-drop interface. After answering a few questions, their AI tools quickly design sophisticated, tailored templates for any project. Through their intuitive page builder, clients can easily compose pages without code.

Additional features like the funnel designer, robust e-commerce tools, CRM, and email builder prove extremely valuable for growing businesses. Simvoly offers a generous free plan that provides access to core features to build basic websites and stores. Its premium plans are reasonably priced, starting from $18/month. It also provides a 14-day free trial for new users to explore the platform before committing.

Dorik AI Website Builder

Dorik is a powerful yet easy to use AI website builder tool that allows users to create beautifully designed websites without coding effortlessly. One of its key features includes the ability to generate a fully functional website just by typing in a simple prompt. The artificial intelligence then takes care of designing along with generating optimized website content like images and text.

It also offers a robust drag-and-drop builder for visually editing pages, along with 250+ pre-built UI blocks and templates for different categories. All this enables businesses of all sizes to establish their online presence within minutes. Dorik also provides a generous free plan that includes unlimited functionality without any credit card. Even paid plans start from just $15/month, which is considerably affordable for small businesses or individuals.

Webwave AI Website Builder

Webwave is an AI website builder that helps people create impressive digital presences without the need for code. Powered by AI, Webwave lets users drag and drop their way through over 300 responsive templates based on business categories in just minutes.

The platform uses machine learning algorithms for automated code generation, intelligent content prompts and image creation based on user input. With such a complex product, Webwave has taken to offering pre-built elements, modular blocks and free stock images.

Regarding pricing, while the basic features are available for free during the lifetime of a project, Webwave does offer affordable paid plans starting from just $7 per month to unlock advanced options such as connecting custom domains.

Unicorn AI Website Builder

Unicorn Platform is a capable AI website builder that facilitates effortless creation of digital properties for entrepreneurs, freelancers and solopreneurs independent of any design or coding experience. Through its intuitive interface and prompts, users can generate fully functional websites within minutes by simply narrating their concepts and preferences.

Some notable features include hundreds of readymade sections, templates and blocks optimized across industries. Its AI assistant takes care of repetitive tasks like optimized auto-generated code, responsive mockups, and multimedia generation freeing up users to focus solely on content. The platform caters to diverse needs through features such as hosted domains, online stores, blogs, user management, and customized payment gateways.

The website builder offers an unlimited free plan providing full access to core tools and lifetime hosting allowing users to establish an online presence with nominal costs. While basic sites are free forever, affordable Pro subscriptions starting at $9/month unlock professional domains, custom CSS, and team collaboration suited for professional use. Beginners can also test premium tools via its generous trials.


Kleap is a powerful yet easy-to-use AI website builder that allows users from all backgrounds to efficiently create fully functional websites without any coding experience. One of its key features includes an AI assistant that can generate an entire mobile-optimized site within just 30 seconds by merely inputting a brief business description.

The artificial intelligence then leverages machine learning to help design the layout, include optimized visual content, and write compelling product descriptions and meta tags. Additionally, Kleap offers various useful integrations, drag-and-drop editing and the flexibility to add custom domains.

Regarding pricing, while basic features are accessible for free through a “free version”, affordable subscription plans are available starting from only $12 per month, which unlocks advanced options such as unlimited uploads, team collaboration and analytics.


Leia is a highly capable AI website builder that helps both experienced and novice users launch an online presence in as little as 90 seconds. Through the power of artificial intelligence, the tool can design, code and publish customized digital experiences by simply describing one’s business or brand via natural language.

The AI leverages technologies like ChatGPT to gain a prompt’s context and generate high-quality websites complete with optimized visual content and professionally written copy. Additional features include access to business tools and premium benefits through its Growth Club subscription.

Interestingly, while basic website creation is free for all, a paid membership at $4.99/month unlocks valuable upgrades like unlimited page hosting, integrated privacy policies and more control over branding assets.

Pineapple AI Website Builder

Pineapple Builder is a leading AI-powered website-building platform that allows both experienced and novice users to create professional-grade websites without coding easily. Utilizing advanced natural language processing technologies, the “AI website builder” takes basic business details provided through simple prompts and generates fully customized digital experiences within just 5 minutes.

Some key features include an AI designer and copywriter to automate layout creation and content generation. The basic account is free to use with limited features. At the same time, a paid ‘Custom’ plan at $12/month unlocks unlimited storage, integrations like booking forms and payments features, custom domains and priority support.

Recommendations for Choosing an AI Website Builder

While AI builders aim to simplify website creation for all, evaluating specific needs is important:

  • Start by identifying your business type, target industry and site goals like revenue, leads or portfolio.
  • Compare various builder templates and feature sets to shortlist ones aligned with your vision.
  • Consider your technical skills and long-term requirements for things like custom coding.
  • Read reviews from real users to understand pain points or limitations with different tools.
  • Try free trials extensively to experience customizing sites on different platforms firsthand.
  • Check pricing plans and terms to identify the best value and ensure costs don’t surge unexpectedly.

The Website Building Process with AI

Using AI tools, taking a website from conception to launch has been streamlined:

  • Choosing a template/theme – AI website builders provide a wide selection of professionally designed, mobile-responsive themes spanning various niches like blogs, stores, and portfolios.
  • Adding content – Fill out pages and sections through a visual editor by dragging text, images, and videos onto the canvas. AI suggests optimized locations.
  • Customizing design elements – Whether colors, fonts, layouts or navigation menus, AI helps preview edits in real-time.
  • Integrating apps/plugins – Many AI builders offer ways to integrate e-commerce, CRM, forms and more through their marketplaces with one-click installs.
  • Launching your site – Once finished customizing, users can publish their website globally through the free hosting, custom domains, and SSL certificate included.

Advantages of Using an AI Website Builder

A major upside to opting for an AI website builder is the lack of technical expertise required. No coding skills or design experience are needed to produce professional, high-converting websites. AI handles core development tasks, so anyone can build targeted sites to fit their business vision. This empowers individuals and enterprises lacking in-house developers. AI features like responsive templates and automated optimizations also ensure sites work seamlessly across devices and rank well in search engines.

The significant time savings delivered by AI Website builders cannot be overstated either. Rather than spending weeks or months on development, minimally designed sites can be ready in mere hours through intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces. Updating and managing websites remains simple as well since no backend technical support is required over time. Combined, these advantages allow small companies and solopreneurs to compete on a larger playing field by establishing an online presence with minimal costs or commitment.

Conclusion: Empowering Creativity and Business Growth

In summary, AI website builders have made sophisticated digital presences available and evolving for teams of all sizes. Their intuitive yet powerful platforms automate mundane technical tasks so users can focus on creativity and strategy. An expanding set of integrations fuels connected experiences across the entire customer journey. By letting AI handle behind-the-scenes work, anyone can now build and grow a professional, fully functional digital presence to empower their business for tomorrow.

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